Acne Scar Reduction Valencia CA / Santa Clarita

Results May Vary

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  • 98% patient satisfaction rating

Acne scar reduction is both science and art.  From superficial scarring to deep ice pick scars, we’ve been treating acne scars for over 10 years. We know how acne scarring can affect your confidence and we have state of the art solutions to improve the texture of your skin*. We have 2 state of the art technologies that we utilize to reduce acne scarring: Accupulse Fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing and Medical Micro-needling therapy*. Both treatments are recognized as the gold standard in acne scar revision treatment*.  We customize our treatments for each patient to ensure that we are treating the scarring at the appropriate depth.* We have been assisting patients with acne scar reduction for over 10 years and have a 98% patient satisfaction rating.*  Give us a call if you would like to see if Acne scar revision therapy is right for you.  We have 0% financing options available.

*Results may vary.