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We offer state of the art facial skin care treatments for every skin type*. Take a look at our customizable facial treatments below. *Results may vary.

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ZO Ultimate Red Carpet Facial

If you want the ultimate anti-aging facial beauty treatment, this is the one!* We start with a ZO stimulator peel which tightens and brightens the skin on your face and then we utilize advanced micro-needle roller technology and infuse potent growth factors directly into your skin. This healing therapy stimulates your skin to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and increase hydration.* We finish this all off with the ZO brightening sheet mask and apply patented ZO Growth Factor Serum for the ultimate in results.*

Great for anti aging treatment for anyone who’s looking for immediate results.*

*Results may vary.

Signature Facial

Our signature facial is a customized treatment used to identity and treat your problem areas. Each one of our signature facials include a detailed consultation with one of our expert aestheticians, cleansing, steaming, exfoliating, extractions, soothing mask, neck, arms, décolleté massage and luxurious paraffin hand wax treatment. Each and every signature facial is customized to nourish your skin and your spirit*. Since every patient has unique skincare needs, we customize the treatment to focus on your specific skincare goals. *Results may vary.

Anti-Aging Facial

Tightening and toning skin on the face is both science and art. Our expert aestheticians use both natural and medical grade skincare products to lift and tone your skin*. As we age our collagen begins to loosen and degrade*. Our anti-aging facials focus on your problem areas to help lift and tighten your skin*. Our anti-aging skincare products have been tried and tested for decades and offer temporary and long term anti-aging benefits*. You may leave tighter, lifted and more confident in your appearance*. *Results may vary.

Acne Facial

We are passionate about acne and acne prevention and have been at the forefront of treating acne for over 10 years. Our Acne Facials include all of the Signature Facial steps plus education on the causes of acne and at home steps that may be taken to reduce the frequency of your breakouts. We use medical grade acne skincare products and we take a comprehensive approach in treating acne*. We have several acne treatment devices such as “high frequency” machines and Blue Light LED treatments that we can incorporate into the facial to eliminate acne causing bacteria and clear your pores*. Infinity Med Spa is recognized as a leader in acne treatment and prevention. We offer free skincare counseling to all of our patients and amazing at home skin care products that will help you clear your skin and prevent future breakouts*. *Results may vary.


Infinity Med Spa has offered dermaplaning treatments for over 5 years. We’re recognized as the experts in dermaplaning in Santa Clarita. Dermaplaning is a very popular treatment that is used to gently and effectively exfoliate the skin as well as remove “peach fuzz”*. Its a favorite treatment for women with sensitive skin who may get reactions from facial waxing. Dermaplaning is painless and gently clears away dead skin cells while also clearing facial hair*. The result is similar to mirodermabrasion; healthy, glowing skin without hair*. If you would like more information about Dermaplaning or any of our other facial services, give us a call to schedule your free skin care consultation. We look forward to helping you with your skin care goals. *Results may vary.

Ultrasonic Revival facial

Our ultrasonic facial is one of our most powerful anti-aging facial offerings. This treatment offers exfoliation by applying special solutions to the skin and creating high speed oscillations leaving skin, soft smooth and decongested. By using ultrasonic technology, we are able to painlessly exfoliate the skin, clearing away dead skin cells and alleviating skin congestion. Once the skin is exfoliated, the ultrasonic hand-piece delivers customized serums deep into your skin.  Excellent choice for any skin type and can be added to any facial. *Results may vary.

O2 Oxygen Facial

Oxygen facials are amazing at hydrating the skin and delivering potent anti-oxidants that correct skin damage and prevent future damage*. Our Oxygen system uses 87 different combinations of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and most importantly – PURE OXYGEN – leaving the skin healthy, rejuvenated and vibrant*. This facial consists of exfoliation, cleansing, Osmotic Hydration and oxygenation propelled onto the skin to nourish and revitalize the skin cells*. The result is an increase in the suppleness, elasticity and glowing skin*. Oxygen facials are great right before big events for dewy, vibrant skin*.  *Results may vary.

Men’s Facial

Designed especially for men, this facial helps to correct ingrown hairs brought on by shaving, improves even skin tone and addresses anti-aging concerns*. Your skin will be treated, cleansed, massaged, moisturized, and protected. Men have unique skincare needs and our expert aestheticians will address your individual concerns*. Our Men’s Facial combines exfoliation and extraction techniques to leave your skin refreshed and repaired*. *Results may vary.

Featured Products

We proudly offer: Zo Skin Health, Obagi, Glo Therapeutics, I.S. Clinical and Skin Medica skin care lines. All of our skin care offerings are backed by extensive research and scientific data*. We only offer our patients what we use ourselves. We offer free skin care counseling, give us a call if you would like one on one time with one of our skin care experts. *Results may vary.