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Infinity Butt Lift

Sculptra Lift

Want to lift and add volume to your butt? Our Infinity Butt Lift treatment helps improve the shape and volume of the butt by using Sculptra dermal fillers.* Sculptra is an FDA-approved facial-volumizing filler. Once injected, Sculptra stimulates the natural production of collagen, which in turn gradually replaces lost volume. Collagen resides in the skin and it “holds up” the skin. As we age, our skin’s natural collagen levels decline which leads to skin laxity and loss of volume.*

Our Infinity Butt Lift Can Offer The Following Benefits:

  • No surgery!
  • Natural, long lasting results (2 to 5 years)*
  • Treatments can be performed in under an hour.*
  • Very safe – Sculptra stimulates collagen growth.*
  • No downtime!
  • Most patients need only 2–3 treatments for desired results.*

*Results May Vary

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Collagen is a natural substance made within the skin, acting as a scaffold for the skin, holding it up and helping it retain shape. Over time, your skin’s natural collagen levels dwindle leading to the skin drooping and sagging. Increased amounts of collagen will help the skin appear healthy and function better. When Sculptra is injected into the bum, it adds fullness but also boosts the quality of the skin. Sculptra stands out as a filler because it helps the skin function better. Increased collagen will help you achieve natural results that allow you to retain natural-looking fullness in your buttocks for about two years.*

The active ingredient in Sculptra is poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a collagen stimulator that works deep within your skin. PLLA helps improve the structure of your skin. Eventually, the PLLA is naturally absorbed by your body, leaving only beautiful aesthetic results behind. That’s what makes Sculptra such an exciting option for facial rejuvenation!

As we inject Sculptra, it adds volume to the area but also improves the overall quality of the skin. For many years, Sculptra has been used to restore lost facial volume and is now widely used to add volume and shape to the buttocks region without surgery and with very little downtime and discomfort!*

Sculptra Lift*Results May Vary