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Laser Tattoo Removal

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Welcome to the world of pain-free laser tattoo removal in Valencia! At Infinity MedSpa, we understand that sometimes our clients’ tattoos no longer reflect their current lifestyle or personality. That’s why we offer the latest and most advanced laser tattoo removal technology to ensure your skin remains undamaged and clear of unwanted ink.

Zap Away Unwanted Tattoos Today

Laser tattoo removal has become a popular and effective solution for removing unwanted tattoos. The treatment uses high-intensity light beams to break down the ink particles in the tattoo, which are then absorbed and eliminated by the body’s immune system. At Infinity MedSpa, our experienced technicians use the cutting-edge Q-switched 1064/532nm Nd: YAG laser that is safe and efficient, with minimal discomfort and no downtime.

  • Only expertly trained Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician
  • Assistants perform our laser tattoo removal treatments
  • Voted #1 Laser Tattoo Removal Practice in Santa Clarita
  • Valencia & Santa Clarita’s Tattoo Laser Removal Experts
  • Over 500,000 procedures performed
  • Perfect safety record!
  • State-of-the-art laser technology
  • 98% patient satisfaction rating
patient during laser tattoo removal in Valencia

Laser Tattoo Removal Corrects:

  • Unwanted tattoos that are no longer desirable
  • Faded or poorly executed tattoos
  • Tattoos that no longer reflect one’s personality or lifestyle
  • Tattoos that hinder career opportunities or personal relationships
  • Cover-up tattoos that need to be removed before new ink can be applied
  • Tattoos that were done by an unlicensed or unprofessional artist
  • Incorrectly spelled or wrong tattoos

To learn more about laser tattoo removal in Valencia, please give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Laser tattoo removal works by utilizing high-intensity light beams that penetrate the skin and break down the ink particles in the tattoo. The light energy is absorbed by the tattoo pigment, causing the ink to shatter into tiny fragments that are small enough for the body’s immune system to absorb and eliminate.

The laser’s intensity and wavelength are adjusted based on the specific color and depth of the tattoo ink, ensuring that the surrounding skin remains undamaged. The immune system gradually flushes out the shattered ink particles, resulting in fading and eventual tattoo removal. Multiple sessions may be required to achieve complete removal.

Advantages of Laser Tattoo Removal:

  • Minimal discomfort during the procedure
  • No scarring or damage to the surrounding skin
  • Effective removal of various tattoo colors
  • Safe for most skin types
  • Minimal recovery time with no downtime required
  • Adjustable laser settings to cater to each individual’s unique needs
  • Relatively quick treatment sessions, depending on the size of the tattoo
  • Long-lasting results with complete removal of unwanted tattoos

To see if you’re a candidate for laser tattoo removal in Valencia, please call us to schedule an appointment. 

What Type of Laser Do You Use?

We proudly use the Q-switched 1064/532nm Nd: YAG Laser to remove tattoos. The Q-switched Nd: YAG Laser is the gold standard for tattoo removal due to its effectiveness, safety, and ability to remove various tattoo colors. At Infinity MedSpa, we use this advanced laser technology to deliver the best results for our clients.

The Q-switched 1064/532nm Nd: YAG Laser emits high-energy pulses in two wavelengths — 1064nm and 532nm. The 1064nm wavelength targets black and dark pigments, while the 532nm wavelength removes red, orange, and yellow pigments. The laser’s short, high-intensity pulses break down the ink particles in the tattoo without damaging the surrounding skin.

Your Laser Tattoo Removal Experience

We take every precaution to ensure that each treatment is comfortable. We recommend that our patients arrive approximately 30 minutes before their appointment so that numbing cream can be applied. We also utilize a cooling device to ensure the treatments are comfortable and safe. The procedure is fairly simple — we move the laser device over the unwanted tattoos to deliver calibrated laser wavelengths into your skin. During your laser tattoo removal in Valencia you may feel warm, but most patients say it’s completely tolerable.

Optimal Treatments: 5 to 12 Treatments

The number of treatments depends entirely on the size of the tattoo and the ink used for the tattoo. Most patients need 5 to 12 treatments to remove their tattoos (results may vary). All colors may be treated; however, colors such as red and yellow tend to be more stubborn than colors such as black or dark blue and may require more treatments.

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

We charge as little as $49 per square inch with a $108 minimum cost per treatment. We also offer 25% off laser tattoo removal packages and affordable 0% financing options. Give us a call to schedule your free consultation today.

Who is a Good Candidate for Laser Tattoo Removal?

If you are healthy, don’t currently have medical conditions, and are not pregnant, chances are you will be a good candidate. We treat patients of all skin types and of all ages.

Why Choose Infinity MedSpa?

Infinity MedSpa has been assisting patients with their laser tattoo removal in Valencia for over 10 years. Our expert staff has performed over 100,000 laser treatments. Our laser tattoo removal treatments are safe and effective. Regardless of the reason for your tattoo removal, Infinity Med Spa can help. Our expert Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Registered Nurses help patients reduce their tattoos from small to large designs. If you would feel better about yourself without your tattoo, call us to schedule an appointment.

We offer free consultations Monday through Saturday, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

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