Laser Leg Vein Treatment Santa Clarita, Valencia CA

Results may vary

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  • Over 500,000 procedures performed.*
  • Perfect safety record!*
  • Our laser leg vein treatment technology is safe & effective.*
  • Only expertly trained Rn’s, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants perform our treatments.*
  • 98% patient satisfaction rating*

Infinity Med Spa is recognized as the #1 medical practice in Valencia & Santa Clarita performing laser leg vein treatments. Laser leg veins are small red and purple veins typically found on the legs and thighs. It is generally accepted that spider leg veins may be hereditary and can also more prominent in patients who have active lifestyles* and careers. *Results may vary.

We have been performing laser leg vein treatments from our facility for over 10 years. We use the Harmony XL laser platform and it is widely recognized as “the gold standard” in laser vein reduction*. Our expert staff of Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and Registered Nurses have performed over 100,000 laser treatments and will assist you in reducing your leg veins safely*. We understand how to treat leg veins as well as in how self conscious they can make you feel. Give us a call to schedule your free consultation. We offer affordable 0% financing options. We look forward to assisting you in treating your spider veins. *Results may vary.