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Benefits of NEO:

  • Most effective treatment for the reduction of Melasma
  • Improved skin tone
  • Radiant and glowing skin
  • Reduction in pore size
  • Safe and effective for ALL skin types!


Neo Skin Laser = Melasma Breakthrough!

The NEO laser by Aerolase is the most effective treatment in the world at breaking up Melasma*! Its revolutionary technology has been clinically shown to not only break up and reduce the appearance of Melasma, but also in fighting the effects of aging*! NEO is a powerful treatment you can incorporate to keep Melasma at bay. Its also very effective at reducing the signs of aging, shrinking pores and evens out skin tone! Treatments are gentle and there is little to no downtime! You’ll see a huge improvement in your Melasma reduction all while improving your overall skin*! Win win.
*results may vary.


Many patients have been battling Melasma for years. It can really take its toll on wellbeing and confidence. While topical medications such as Hydroquinone can assist with reducing the appearance of Melasma, only the NEO can break up the Melasma and reduce it at the root*. This gentle and effective treatment is a game changer* as most patients see a reduction in as little as 1 – 4 treatments.
*Results may vary.


NEO Technology

A skin treatment with NeoSkin treatment is unique because it does so much for your skin. The laser uses a 1064nm wavelength which targets water, melanin, and hemoglobin (blood) in the skin. The combination of 650 Microsecond Technology® delivering the 1064nm wavelength is what allows for so many skin concerns to be addressed with a single device and in such an effective and gentle manner. The result is an improvement in your skin’s overall quality, tone, and texture, leaving you with a youthful glow.*
*Results may vary.

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