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Results May Vary

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NEO - Cosmo's Holy Grail Laser Treatment of 2021

  • Over 500,000 procedures performed
  • Perfect safety record!
  • We utilize cutting edge technology.
  • Only expertly trained Rn’s, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants perform our treatments
  • 98% patient satisfaction rating

Benefits of NEO Laser Refresh Facial:

  • Improved skin tone
  • Improves rosacea
  • Reduction in pore size
  • Reduces redness / pigmentation
  • All skin types treated
  • No downtime = True lunchtime treatment
  • Glowing skin
  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles

neo laser refresh facial santa clarita valley

Ultimate Lunchtime Procedure

Our NEO Laser Refresh Facial is gentle, safe, effective and fast! The best part; glowing skin in about 30 minutes! If you want to take your skin to the next level and fight the signs of aging, this is the treatment for you!

All Skin Types, All Ages

The NeoSkin rejuvenation treatment is effective, safe, and gentle for patients of all ages and skin types, and for all parts of the body*. Have a tan? No worries. The NeoSkin treatment can be performed at any time, keeping your skin clear and refreshed all year long. NeoSkin uses a new laser technology, referred to as 650 Microsecond Technology®, that is ideal for anyone dealing with signs of skin aging*. The NeoSkin’s highly effective, safe, and gentle treatment is all thanks to this new technology.
*Results may vary

Overall Improvement of the Quality of Your Skin

A skin treatment with NeoSkin treatment is unique because it does so much for your skin. The laser uses a 1064nm wavelength which targets water, melanin, and hemoglobin (blood) in the skin. The combination of 650 Microsecond Technology® delivering the 1064nm wavelength is what allows for so many skin concerns to be addressed with a single device and in such an effective and gentle manner. The result is an improvement in your skin’s overall quality, tone, and texture, leaving you with a youthful glow*.
*Results may vary

neo laser refresh facial valencia

Quick Treatment

Depending on what your skin aging concerns are and the size of the affected area, the NeoSkin treatment is a quick 15–45 minute in-office procedure. Since no application of numbing cream or gel is needed, all your laser practitioner needs to do to begin treatment is clean your skin!

Give us a call at (661)259-8100 to schedule a free consultation to see if NEO is right for you. We offer 0% financing options.